Errata, Photos, and Figures, from Various Articles on Return Loss Bridges in AR Magazine



The Balun cores used were initially obtained from Rockby Electronics and were subsequently found to be equivalent or equal to a type 43 size 202 core. The Jaycar ones are not quite the same material though they are the same size, the type 43 cores will work better at lower frequencies the Jaycar type M7 may be better at higher frequencies, though a type 61 may be better still. For my latest RLB’s I use a combination of 43’s and 61’s, with the 61’s closest to the resistor end. I have also found that the thinner RG178 (available from MiniKits) type coax is easier to work with. A number of people have contacted me saying they cannot obtain back copies of AR magazine with these articles. For these people pdf's of the pre magazine editited articles are linked below:


 1.  “A Simple Wideband Return Loss Bridge Revisited” by Paul McMahon VK3DIP - Amateur Radio Magazine June 2007 


 2.;  “Further Reflections on a wideband return loss bridge” by Paul McMahon VK3DIP - Amateur Radio Magazine August 2008


 Photos etc. from the first Article:






Photos etc. from the Second Article: